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Privacy & Copyright


The Privacy Policy is for Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM) which is an outreach ministry of LLL Australia.


All material on this site is copyright protected. Other than using it for your own personal use, the material on this site may not otherwise be used or copied.

LTM resources are designed to be distributed in the following ways:

  • as a whole (hard copy)
  • eTract (delivered to an email address)
  • social media “liked” (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

You are welcome to use LTM resources as an insert in your Lutheran Church publication. 

LTM must at all times ensure that copyright and image rights are upheld. LTM resources may not be modified or tampered with in any way. Therefore:

  • Images are not to be photocopied or cut/pasted in any way.
  • Text content may be used in your own publication/s, however photocopying or cut/paste of the tract content is not permitted.

We trust that you understand that people’s time and talents have been used to produce LTM resources and that the LTM must protect the rights of these individuals.

LTM encourages that you contact us if you have any suggestions for future resources.