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Lutheran Tract Mission (LTM)

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  • Daily Bible Readings for 2024

    Begin each day in God's Word. Follow the Lectionary of the church and read God's word every day - start today!

    Daily Bible Readings
  • New Resources

    Browse through the new resources that have arrived in Lutheran Tract Mission.

    New Resources
  • 2024 Lenten Downloadable Devotional

    'Understanding Grace' - Read through the 40 days of Lent (and the Sundays) with devotions sharing about God's grace and love. Print it or download it to read on your device.

    Lenten Devotional
  • New Mission-Edge Tracts

    These tracts have been specifically written by a group in the LCA for the 20-40 year olds who are unchurched or disenfranchised with the church. They are edgy!

    Mission-Edge Tracts
  • Make a donation

    Donations are always gratefully received and enable us to continue to develop and print new resources.

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  • Send an eTract

    Every tract can be sent as an email to anyone for free and you are able to also write a personal message. Send someone an eTract today!

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